Created Sep 21, 2008


A relative absolutist, principled miscreant, fervent moderate and opinionated idealist. more

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This column belongs to a passionate debater, political moderate, unpublished novelist, fervent idealist and an autobiographer who is fond of writing in the third person.

He lives in Virgina with his wife and two cats. His interests include social justice, enlightenment, the search for truth and Nerf guns.

His is available for children's' parties and will not be undersold.

During the time he's written articles and posted to Newsvine he has been called, amongst other things:

Religious Fanatic
Baby killer(1)
A petty man with a petty life writing petty comments.
A sign of the end times.
Obviously an unrepentant Sex Offender(2)
Big mouth.
Pseudo intellectual pinko commie creep
Fluffer (3)
Lord of nothing (4)
Sleeper agent for the Taliban (5)
Been told he has the mind of a child (6)
A prude (7)
An elitist.
Against freedom.(8)
Someone who should never carry a gun(9)
Bully (10)
Like "...the men and women who trusted Hitler."
Very reasonable (11)
Some backwards faux bad ass (12)

You may evaluate for yourself how true any or all of these are.

(1) At least someone okay with the slaughter of children.
(2)Due to having issue with existing sex offender laws.
(3)Sarcastic Puns? That's original!
(4)Because he obviously takes his self-adopted title so seriously.
(5)Said to prove a point, but still awesome.
(6)This might be true, though he doesn't take it as an insult.
(7)For finding TSA patdowns invasive and objectionable.
(8)Except in the case of 2nd Amendment Rights.
(9) Because the accuser suggested that he'd hand it over to any attacker in sympathy.
(10) Because I took issue people using fat jokes to criticize a politician.
(11)Hey, they're not all bad.
(12)Because I suggested that keeping a firearm ready in the home, as opposed to locked up, didn't make one an accomplice to murder.